We Have Moved!

We have relocated our Head Office.

Our new address is

Level 1, 366 Whitehorse Road

Nunawading VIC 3131.

Phone number is still 1300 872 885.

March 7, 2017

Training Matters

– Chris Keech, Emergency Planning Manager.

Warden (Emergency Control Organisation) Training

For wardens, the effectiveness of the site’s emergency plan depends on the training they receive. Generally, It is unlikely they could respond effectively to different types of emergencies if they have not received adequate training, or had not had the benefit of regular testing of emergency procedures, such as Evacuation Exercises.

All Statcom’s training is conducted on your site and as per the requirements of AS3745-2010 (Planning for emergencies in facilities)

Contact us to find out more about our Warden Training Sessions and Evacuation Exercises!

November 20, 2016