Essential Fire Safety Measures Compliance

fStatcom Systems has supplied customised Essential Fire Safety Measures Manuals and provided Compliance Management Services to a broad range of clients. Some have very specific needs as outlined below:

Aged Care

Statcom Systems provides customised Essential Fire Safety Measures Manuals and its Compliance Management services to many Aged Care providers throughout Australia.

Fire safety in the Aged Care sector is important for compliance and the safety of staff and occupants.

As well as maintaining Essential Fire & Safety Measures, aged care facilities need to maintain a large range of other equipment and services such as sanitary equipment, patient lifters, wheelchairs, tepid water, thermal mixing valves to name a few.

Statcom Systems provides  customised manuals and tasks for these essential programmed maintenance items ensuring overall compliance for the facility.

Real Estate Agents – Commercial & Industrial Properties

Commercial Property Managers must advise Landlords who own Commercial and Industrial properties that they have an obligation under the new Building Regulations 2006 to:

  • Inspect, test and maintain the buildings’ essential safety measures in accordance with the standards which apply.
  • Record the maintenance inspections and any repair work.
  • Prepare an Annual Essential Safety Measures Report. (AESMR) each year.

For buildings constructed before 1 July 1994, the first Annual ESM Report must be prepared before 13 June each year with the first one due before 13 June 2009. The conditions of the Lease will often determine how the costs incurred can be apportioned between Landlord and Tenant.

Retail Chains

The Retailer with many stores throughout the country needs to have a system and a process which is compatible with all the different requirements imposed by regulatory bodies throughout Australia. Statcom Systems has helped many Retail Chains to meet these legislative requirements. Some require Annual Statements forwarded to Councils and Fire Brigades, whilst others need to have the Reports displayed in the buildings. Each different, each important to get right.

The Fire Safety inspections and tests are carried out in all states and territories according to the requirements of AS1851. The Statcom customised manuals have Inspections Records which record each AS1851 inspection as it is carried out. To comply with the different requirements in each state, the correct Annual Compliance Certificate is included, pre-prepared and ready for signing and submision to the various enforcement authority in that state or territory.

Another issue that arises is whether the Retail Chain owns the premises or leases them from a landlord, or if they are a tenancy within a large shopping centre and have to submit Annual Certification of their own Essential Safety Measures to the Shopping Centre.  Who is then responsible for the maintenance of Essential Safety Measures and the submission of the Annual Reports or Statements? With the compliance process that Statcom Systems offers, it need not matter. Statcom Systems has had experience with Owners, Tenants of small and large shopping centres, Shopping Centre Managers and Facilities Managers. Our systems can be customised to suit any situation.

Statcom Systems helps a number of Australia’s largest Store Chains meet their essential fire safety compliance obligations in Victoria, NSW, ACT, Queensland, TAS, SA and WA. With a mix of leased and standalone freehold properties, Statcom Systems prepares, and in many cases signs, the various Annual Certification and Reports/Statements for either Landlords, Shopping Centres or Councils and provides copies to be displayed. Statcom Systems schedules maintenance contractors for the Full Function Tests many Shopping Centres now require in order to meet the Interface Test of the revised AS1851-2012.

Commercial Offices

Commercial Offices can be standalone or part of a larger complex. They can have a common area that is managed by one group of people and the tenancies managed by another. A Body Corporate Manager may be engaged to manage all or some of the building. Statcom Systems has a great deal of experience in dealing with each of these situations. The customised compliance manual can be adapted to meet many situations. The Inspection Monitoring and Reporting System can manage the different needs of all these stakeholders.

Local Councils

The customised manuals and the Inspection Monitoring and Reporting System offered by Statcom Systems is employed by more than 25% of all the Local Councils in Victoria in one form or another. Many Councils have utilised the services of Statcom Systems to initially identify all the Essential Safety Measures in each of the Council’s many buildings and to supply a customised manual for each. Statcom Systems then supplies reprints of the manuals each year and the Council’s own staff manage compliance themselves. Other Councils have contracted Statcom’s computer-based Inspection Monitoring and Reporting System to ensure all inspections are carried out and that they are able to sign the Annual Essential Safety Measures Reports each year.

The needs of Local Councils vary. Civic Centres with their large staff numbers and high risk buildings, Libraries with its large numbers of public users visiting the facilities, Senior Citizens Centres with frail and elderly users, Child Care Centres and Kindergartens taking care of the very young, Aquatic Centres with Plant Rooms storing dangerous and hazardous chemicals and Entertainment Centres housing hundreds of people at a time. The need to ensure that each facility has its Essential Safety Measures maintained and operational at all times is of paramount importance. Especially given that the Council is often the enforcement body and needs to lead by example and demonstrate compliance to all other commercial building owners.


Statcom Systems has successfully implemented its system of customised manuals and computerised Monitoring and Reporting to many Private School operators. Some have also utilised Statcom Systems to carry out Quarterly Exit Door and Paths of Travel checks in order to help the school achieve compliance. Private Schools need to demonstrate compliance to the Board of Studies and are audited regularly to ensure they are meeting their obligations. Annual Essential Safety Measures Reports are an important means of verification that the Governing Body uses to check that Fire Safety systems are being maintained and are kept operational at all times.

Schools often have campuses away from the main school grounds which are used for outdoor educational purposes. These facilities often house chidren and teachers overnight and their Essential Safety Measures must be inspected and tested regularly to ensure they remain in an operational state in the event of an emergency. The process of compliance that Statcom Systems utilises can help ensure that the Essential Safety Measures in all buildings and at all campuses are being inspected and tested routinely.

Not for Profit

The Not for Profit sector has special needs in that it requires systems and processes that are effective, easy to apply and are not costly to implement. Every dollar spent in this sector needs to be accounted for and needs to benefit the community, not a commercial enterprise. The customised manuals that Statcom Systems offers are easy to use and can be utilised by people with only minimal computer skills. The Inspection Monitoring and Reporting System only requires email competence and the reports can even be submitted by fax for those persons who wish to complete them by hand.

Statcom Systems is supplying its services to one of the largest Not for Profit organisations in Australia. With 155 facilities located througout all regions of Victoria, this organisation provides a community and pastoral service to the sick and homeless, to disfunctional and disadvantaged families, to youth on the streets and to persons at risk of abuse. The facilities are often old but must still meet the regulatory requirements of the Victorian Building Regulations 2006. Statcom Systems will ensure that these facilities are able to meet the June 2009 deadline for the completion of Annual Essential Safety Measures Reports.  Systems have been in place now for a number of years and this organisation is well placed to meet these new requirements.

Essential Safety Measures Industry Classes

The industries that Statcom Systems addresses are:

  • Commercial
  • Factories & Industrial
  • Office buildings
  • Commercial Real Estate Agents
  • Body Corporates
  • Accomodation
  • Council Buildings
  • Libraries
  • Schools
  • Nursing Homes/Aged Care
  • Not For Profit and Churches
  • Shopping Centres
  • Retail Shops and Chains
  • Courts and Prisons
  • Kindergartens
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Entertainment Venues
  • Sporting Pavilions
  • Conference Centres & Theatres