Emergency Management

Emergency Management Plans

dStatcom’s Emergency Management Team are specialists in the development of tailored, site-specific emergency plans, information and procedures.

Emergency Management Plans provide guidance and instruction to ensure the safety of occupants during an emergency.

Evacuation Diagrams & Signs

Evacuation Diagrams and Signs are required to be located throughout each facility to educate and inform all occupiers as to the location of fire equipment, nearest emergency exits, assembly areas and emergency contacts.

dStatcom consultants prepare Evacuation Diagrams and Signs for the facility in accordance with AS 3745-2010 and/or the Queensland Building Fire Safety Regulations as required. Output options include:

  • Printed hard copies
  • Framed or unframed
  • Electronic versions if required

Evacuation Drills & Training

cEvacuation Drills

Statcom trainers conduct annual Evacuation Drills as per AS 3745 to ensure facility wardens and occupants are trained in what to do in an emergency.

Fire (ECO) Warden Training

This training focuses on the roles and responsibilities of Wardens and other Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) personnel as per AS3745 requirements. It provides information on different emergency types, evacuation considerations, development and classes of fire.

Fire Equipment Training Practical

This training provides the theory and practical application of fire extinguishers and fire blankets. The training also covers classes of fire and selection of appropriate extinguishers.