Essential Fire Safety Measures

fEssential Fire Safety Measures Compliance

As specialists in our field, we offer a range of services which help building owners and managers meet their essential fire safety measures maintenance obligations. These services are offered throughout Victoria, NSW / ACT and Queensland. Our services in other states can also be offered.

The Statcom Inspection Monitoring and Reporting System is a well established and proven system used in over 25,000 buildings throughout Australia. Statcom simplifies the essential fire safety measures management process with an easy step-by-step approach to achieving compliance.

Our services include:

  • Set Up
  • Compliance Management
  • Inspections
  • Annual Maintenance Statements and Reports
  • Other Services

Set Up


Identification of Essential Fire Safety Measures

Statcom Systems is able to carry out an on site survey that will identify the essential fire safety measures present and their locations. Contractors and inspectors are then assigned to carry out the maintenance and testing of each essential fire safety measures item identified.

The collected data is entered into a software database by Statcom Systems and Essential Fire Safety Measures Manuals are prepared for each site. Each customised manual includes the following information:

  • Owner Details
  • Building Details
  • Essential Fire Safety Measures Equipment List
  • Maintenance Contractor Details
  • Inspection Standards and Frequencies
  • A 12 Month Inspection Schedule
  • Inspection Records for 12 months
  • A pre-prepared Annual Maintenance Statement or Report

A contractor briefing session is normally established to advise the specialist contractors what is required from them in order that correct record keeping practices are adopted.

Statcom Systems will also normally provide an Observations Report which highlights any Essential Fire Safety Measures in need of urgent repair or issues requiring further investigation by a competent person.

The Set Up phase is a mandatory pre-requisite for any of Statcom Systems other services.

Compliance Managementuntitled-1

Essential Fire Safety Measures Compliance

Essential Fire Safety Measures Compliance can be achieved by utilising the Statcom Inspection Monitoring and Reporting System.

  • Inspection Records and Reports are sent to the assigned Contractors and Inspectors by email
  • The person assigned the inspection can print the Inspection Record or just view it on the computer screen.
  • The required task is carried out and an electronic Inspection Report is returned to Statcom Systems to allow for the updating of the building database
  • A Compliance Status Report is sent to the client monthly which identifies tasks which are either Current, Completed, needing Follow-up or are Overdue
  • The Client can elect to follow up delinquent contractors themselves or have Statcom Systems do this on their behalf
  • At the conclusion of each 12 month period, the Compliance Status Report is reviewed to confirm if all inspections and tests have been carried out according to the requirements of the Certificate of Occupancy and whether the Annual Maintenance Statement or Report supplied with each customised manual can be signed by the Owner or Agent. It is also recommended that a Final Inspection be carried out of the Essential Safety Measures onsite before signing the Annual Maintenance Statement/Report to confirm that no substantial remedial works are still outstanding.

Inspections & Audits

Essential Fire Safety Measures Inspections & Auditsdreamstime_l_50335225

There are five categories of Essential Fire Safety Measures which require routine inspections:

  1. Fire equipment
  2. Electrical fittings
  3. Air Conditioning/Mechanical Ventilation systems
  4. Exit Doors, Paths of Travel
  5. Passive Fire Elements

Specialist maintenance providers are normally contracted to carry out the first three, whilst the client’s own staff or Statcom Systems can be engaged to carry out the Quarterly Paths Of Travel/Exit Door Inspections and the Annual Passive Fire Element inspections.

The revised AS1851-2012 standard now also requires that Surveys be carried out annually of each of the safety measures or systems by a competent person to determine whether any changes have taken place over the past 12 months that may have compromised the operation of the installed essential safety measures or that may require additional safety measures to be installed in the building.

Call Statcom Systems on (03) 9894 3888 in order to confirm whether these surveys need to be carried out.

Annual Maintenance Statements and Reports

Annual Essential Safety Measures Reports & Annual Statements

In Victoria, each Essential Safety Measures Manual will have a copy of an Annual Essential Safety Measures Report. In NSW an Annual Fire Safety Statement, in QLD an Annual Occupiers Statement, in Tasmania an Annual Maintenance Statement, etc. These are required to be signed by the Building Owner or the Owner’s Agent after each 12 month period. For other Australian States and Territories the Manual will include a copy of the relevant Annual Compliance Certificate.

Statcom Systems can be engaged to check that the on-site records are complete and to determine if all Essential Fire Safety Measures are operating and have been maintained during the past 12 months. These due-diligence checks are recommended before the Annual Maintenance Statements/Reports can be signed by or on behalf of the Owner.

Online Compliance Management

eLinkFM Task Manager

LinkFM Task Manager allows Facility Managers, Administrators and Service Personnel to see their compliance status online using a standard web browser.

There are three convenient login levels which allows:


To manage compliance and chase up overdue and follow up tasks quickly and easily.

Building Managers

To view compliance status for facilities in real time.

Service Providers

To view, plan and update assigned tasks.

LinkFM Task Manager features include:

  • Dashboard
  • Task lists
  • Task map
  • Search filters
  • Planner view
  • Delegation
  • Filtered task reporting and exporting